Cancer rehabilitation services are available
Many who have gone through cancer treatment find themselves still in pain after all their treatment is finished. They may have impaired functioning or be living with chronic pain. What many don't know is that they can get a referral for rehabilitation therapies that can ease the pain and increase functioning. 

"The problem is a nearly universal disconnect between the cancer rehabilitation services that health insurance pays for and the number of people who are receiving those important services." Physicians aren't recommending and referring to cancer rehabilitation services that are available and covered through health insurance, and patients aren't aware of the services. 

If you, or a loved one, are dealing with residual problems after cancer treatment, it's not too late for a referral. 

Learn more about the support that The Beloved Foundation offers by reaching out.  

Is Cancer Rehabilitation a Good Option for You? It's Never Too Late to Ask for a Referral.

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