Caregivers can experience Compassion Fatigue
a man sits at a table looking out a window, leaning on his hand"Compassion Fatigue is a term used to describe a state that is experienced by all types of caregivers, after giving to the point of exhaustion and debilitation." 

Compassion fatigue is a term that is finally being discussed in the caregiving community. It impacts both family caregivers and professional caregivers. Though we all want to be there for those we love who are going through cancer therapy, it's important to also take care of ourselves in order to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue. 

Symptoms of Compassion fatigue may be exhaustion, anger or irritability, negative coping behaviors, a reduced ability to empathize or sympathize and a diminished ability to derive enjoyment from activities that normally felt enjoyable. 

If you're feeling like this as a caregiver, please talk to your physician and get some support. 

If you are San Bernardino or Riverside County, and if financial worries are wearing you down during cancer treatment, please contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Compassion Fatigue

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