Creating your own memorial
looking through a heart shaped hole in a hedgeTraditionally, it's been left to the family of a person who has died to write an obituary and create any memorial videos or mementos. But a new trend has emerged that has those who are ill creating their own videos, speeches and obituaries to be used. 

Not only does it save the family a task during an overwhelming time of sadness and loss, but it allows the person who will be departing to leave some last words or memories for those they love. 

People who have done it say it's a hard process to undertake, but that it means a lot both to the person creating the memorial and those who receive it after the creator is gone. 

Beloved Foundation exists to support caregivers of loved ones with cancer in their journey. Reach out for information on how we may be able to help. 

Creating Your Own Obituary or Memorial Video

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