My mom has cancer.  Beloved Foundation is helping me to cope.

When A Parent Has Cancer

Hearing your parent is diagnosed with cancer is difficult at any age but it is extremely stressful on children ages 6- 11. This program helps provide children with the tools and emotional support they need to navigate the immediate and long term effects of parental cancer.

This is a 6 week closed support group focusing on helping children learn a little about cancer and provides a safe, enjoyable place where they use art, games and journals to express their feelings and emotions.

Through art projects and discussion this program helps normalize the feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger and fear in the children and help nurture positive communication between the child and their parent.    We partner with Loma Linda University Child Life Sciences and The Children’s Treehouse Foundation to train our facilitators.

A light meal is provided at the start of each session

Sessions include:
  1. Session 1- All about Me
  2. Session 2- What is Cancer?
  3. Session 3- It’s OK to feel Sad
  4. Session 4 – Cancer can be Scary
  5. Session 5- It’s not fair!
  6. Session 6- I love you ( graduation ceremony)

The CLIMB program (Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery) is offered free of charge to children whose parent or primary guardian has been diagnosed with cancer however you must pre-register to attend.   Our Next CLIMB group is scheduled to start in April 2020.  Register now!

Our CLIMB program is held twice a year at the Burrage Mansion in Redlands thanks to the generosity of the Rochford Foundation.

Looking for a CLIMB support group in another city. Visit

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