Stage 4 Cancer

At Beloved Foundation we provide Hope, Help and Education for Families affected by stage 4 terminal cancer.  We ease the stress of Cancer today and in the future… by not letting cancer take everything.

Each year, Cancer Attacks, disrupts and destroys millions of lives with little support available to provide day to day living and basic needs for victims who desperately need it during their time of hardship. By reaching out to Stage 4 Cancer patients and their caregivers with a unique combination of financial assistance, supportive counsel and resources, Beloved Foundation serves as a link between the temporary situation of distress and a hopeful long term solution.  Offering solutions to the seemingly ordinary needs of everyday life is at the core of Beloved Foundation’s Mission to ease the burden on families caring fulltime for a loved one with advanced stage metastatic cancer.

Thanks to advancements in cancer treatment,  metastatic patients are living longer, fuller lives than ever before but cancer costs can add up for the Stage 4 cancer patient that is taking regular time off of work for treatment and screenings.

Our focus is on financial and emotional support because easing financial stress for the stage 4 cancer patient and caregiver is the key to improving overall care and quality of life.

Cancer Care Kits

Cancer Care Packages are made up of specially curated items that make treatment and aftercare just a bit easier They include Socks, lip balm, journal, and personal care items and are provided to low income cancer patients undergoing treatment or can be requested for a friend or loved one.  Give a kit

Caregiving Support - Even though many families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, the physical, emotional and financial consequences for the caregiver can be overwhelming without some support. Our approved applicants receive assistance to arrange and pay for planned short term and time limited breaks for family members and other unpaid cancer caregivers.

Grants - Cancer is a devastating disease and is one that takes a financial toll as well as a physical one. Even with medical insurance, treatments and deductibles can be a financial stretch for most people. Anyone of us could find ourselves in this position having drained all resources fighting for our lives and facing difficulty scraping together funds for basic needs like food, rent and utilities.

Our family and Patient Assistance Grant provides up to $2500 towards housing, food & medical co-pays per month per family for a maximum of three months for qualified stage 4 terminal cancer patients and their caregivers.

Learn more about our GRANTS.

Oncology Center Resources

We believe that it is important to share information about the community programs that are available to support patients and families.  Each year we host an Oncology Social worker and Patient Navigator Symposium in Riverside, CA.   Learn more about the Beloved Foundation’s free RESOURCES available to Oncology Social Workers and Patient Navigators who work closely with stage 4 cancer patients in Southern California.

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