Woman visiting husband with cancer diagnosis in hospital

How We Help Patients with a Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

A diagnosis of cancer is not only life altering for the person with the disease but also for those who love them and care for them.  Beloved Foundation provides support to families struggling as a result of caring for a loved one with advanced stage cancer in the Riverside and San Bernardino Counties of Southern Ca.

Our programs include Financial Support Grants, Cancer Care Kits, Caregiver Support Services, and a Children's support group.

Grants - Anyone who has ever had to deal with cancer understands the staggering financial burden the disease imposes on patients and their families by providing financial assistance grants to help with basic needs like rent, utilities and medical co-pays. Our Family and Patient Assistance Grants are intended to be a source of short term relief for family members who are unable to work in order to provide the necessary care for their loved one with advanced stage 4 cancer.

Grant Recipients are nominated for a grant by a vast network of hospice care nurses & social workers. The Board of Directors evaluates each situation and determines the amount to be disbursed and length of support given.

At Beloved Foundation when we determine an applicant is eligible for our grant, We issue checks directly to the landlord or mortgage holder, utility companies or service provider.

Cancer Care Kits - Each chemo care package is assembled and distributed to oncology centers and Cancer resource centers for low income patients.

Caregiver Support Services - Our approved applicants receive assistance to arrange and pay for planned short term and time limited breaks for families and other unpaid caregivers as well as meals prepared and delivered to their home.

Children's Support Group - a specially designed art and activity based support group for children ages 6-11 who have had a parent or guardian diagnosed with cancer.

In addition to our direct aid to families, we work with local oncology social workers and Patient Navigators to bring them information about resources in the community that they can share with their patients because we believe that if we can disseminate the information we can help some of these situations from becoming as dire. These programs include our RESOURCE BOOKLETS & annual SYMPOSIUM.