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Beloved Foundation is dedicated to supporting advanced stage cancer patients and their families with financial and emotional support services. Our Family and Patient Assistance Grants are intended to be a source of short term relief for family members who are unable to work in order to provide the necessary care for their loved one with advanced stage 4 cancer and to aid the family during the transitional period after loss.

Beloved Grants assist in paying for basic needs such as rent or mortgage payments and utilities up to $2,500 a month for a maximum for 3 months and one time assistance with final expenses** up to $550. This grant is perfect to help bridge the gap between temporary financial distress and a long term solution. If you have a family that was struggling financially before cancer we recommend that you also help connect them with a more permanent solution to their needs.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for application processing. At Beloved Foundation when we determine an applicant is eligible for our grant, We issue checks directly to the landlord or mortgage holder, utility companies or service provider.
For someone to qualify for our Family and Patient Assistance Grant they must have a referral from a Social Worker or Patient Navigator. To make referring easy we have included the necessary qualifications and documents below

  1. Family must be able to demonstrate financial distress while providing full time in home care to a loved one with stage 4 or terminal cancer.
  2. The patient and primary caregiver must live within San Bernardino or Riverside counties (Southern Ca.).
  3. They must be able to prove diagnosis by providing a letter on letterhead from their Physician, Nurse, Navigator or Hospice Social Worker verifying diagnosis.
  4. Your referral is necessary to qualify for funding.
  5. The application and HIPPA form must be complete. Incomplete applications will delay the determination process.
  6. Income documentation and copies of the bills for which they are requesting assistance must be provided
  7. Please note: Beloved pays checks directly to the mortgage company, landlord, utility or service provider. We do not reimburse or write checks to the family directly.
  8. If you are requesting assistance with final expenses please include this request in your application.
  9. ** Please note we do not accept post-mortem burial/ cremation requests.
  10. Applications may be submitted by mail, email, fax or in person by appointment

We offer applications in English and Spanish however we do not have Spanish speaking staff always available via phone so please set an appointment to speak with our staff if the family needs to speak with us directly.

Download an application (English)
Download an application (Spanish)
HIPAA Release Form (English)
HIPAA Release Form (Spanish)