Founder's Story

Jennifer Talbert-MillerI still remember the moment my mom told me she had cancer, I remember everything about that moment because it felt like the rest of the world became a blur like one of those movies where the background is moving at light speed while you are in slow motion. My heart was broken, but at that moment I resolved to make every moment with my mom count. Suddenly the seemingly important struggles of my life were put into focus.

When my good friend Kerri came to me and shared her Mom Kathy had been diagnosed with cancer, we were concerned but stayed positive about the outcome. Just one year later, the cancer had returned and things had taken a turn for the worse and the news that it was terminal struck arrows right into our hearts. We cried in each others arms as she lamented that her mom would never see her get married or hold her children. At this point, Kerri had been juggling both work and attending every appointment and surgery, but we knew that her mom would be requiring more intensive care and that Kerri wanted to be able to provide this care but with the cost of cancer care and everyday bills piling up could not afford to do so.

Listening to Kerri share her updates about her mom, I remembered my own feelings when I had heard my mother's diagnosis of breast cancer a few years earlier and my desire to not leave her side I could only imagine how that feeling must be multiplied for Kerri knowing there was not much time left. When Kerri expressed she did not know how she was going to take care of her mom full time and pay her bills, I knew that I had to pay them. I felt God had put me in Kerri's life with the capability to offer her what I knew I would want if I were in that same position, the financial freedom and ability to focus on her mom and what time was left.

On October 3, 2006, Kerri laid next to her mother as she took her last breaths, with the peace that she knew she had done everything she could to be with her and care for her as completely as possible. From this, Beloved Foundation was born.

Jennifer Talbert-Miller