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Caregiving study shows spousal caregivers often going it alone
A recent study looked at the help received by primary caregivers of people with serious illnesses. The outcome of the study recommends that caregiving should "expand from the patient to the family unit." 

55% of spousal caregivers in the study are taking on all of the caregiving tasks without outside help. Only 36% received help from other family members or hired staff. 

Beloved Foundation exists to support caregivers of loved ones with cancer in their journey. Reach out for information on how we may be able to help. 

Spousal Caregivers Are a Lonely Bunch

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Student loan deferment during cancer treatments
The U.S Education Department is now accepting applications for loan deferrals from people who are undergoing cancer therapies. The news was announced a few weeks ago and the form for the application can be found here

Eligible people must submit a letter from their doctor outlining specifics of cancer and treatment. Deferral will be for one year unless a follow up is received from a physician. 

If you or a loved one are dealing with cancer treatments, we may have programs to help you through this time. Learn more

Cancer patients can now apply to have their student loan payments postponed

Cancer Treatment Deferment Form

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A list of cancer podcasts for the podcast lover
Rethink breast cancer compiled a list of their top 5 favourite podcasts on cancer. If you’re a podcast listener, you might want to add one or five of these to your playlist.
From all over the world, these podcasts feature a variety of topics including motherhood while living with cancer, grief support, humour, and more.
See the podcasts in this list.
The Top Five Cancer Podcasts on our Playlist 

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Memory troubles during cancer therapies are not unusual
For anyone dealing with cancer therapies, ‘chemo brain’ as it’s been coined, may impact your life. What is it and how does it affect people?
First of all, it’s not limited only to chemo treatments, regardless of the nickname the symptoms have been given. And it impacts everyone differently, but typically creates a fog-like feeling that people say gives them trouble thinking clearly.
Learn more in this article.

Does chemo brain really exist? (Plus tips for coping with it)

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Methods to help with relaxation
It can feel nearly impossible to relax sometimes. But it’s imperative for our minds and our bodies that we find ways to help us relax.
In this blog, the author suggests things like guided meditations, affirmations and even adjusting our mindset towards relaxing that can help us find a better way to wind down and give our minds and bodies the breather they need.
Five Ways to Help You Relax

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A journey through cancer to adoption
Beth Gainer was a young woman with hopes of a family when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her treatment regime gave her a 1% chance of infertility post treatment. She was one of the 1%.
She didn’t let that stop her. In this blog, she talks about her journey to adoption and how it relates to her cancer journey.

Becoming a mom: a story of adoption after cancer

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Online results versus an appointment with your doctor
A recent study, published in Radiology asked patients about their willingness to go to a doctor’s appointment, and the wait time to get an appointment versus the ability to access test results online much quicker. Some were surprised at the results – many would prefer to meet with a medical professional, if the wait wasn’t extreme.
Those surveyed seemed to understand that attempting to read the results, which aren’t created with patients in mind, but instead, are written for medical personnel, could be confusing and cause more stress than waiting a few days.
Do Patients Want Online Access to Test Results?

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Advances in medicine from understanding the genetics of cancer
Precision medicine, or personalized medicine exploit the unique genetic makeup of each cancer to create a more specific, targeted treatment.
From the past where all cancers of a certain area were treated similarly to the advances we have today, this article in Next Avenue discusses how this type of medicine is helping people today.

How Precision Medicine is Changing Cancer Treatment

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Honesty about living with bone mets
This honest post from a mom with bone mets is heart wrenching, but also uplifting and inspiring. From first understanding that the new diagnosis has no cure, to learning to live with the changes that it brings about in medications, symptoms, emotional health and relationships, the author gets real with the reader about it all.
Read more in this blog post.

Just Breathe: Learning to Live with Bone Mets

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Breakthrough in new cancer therapy
In the first small group study of 15 men, 13 show no signs of cancer one year after treatment. Through a new procedure involving gold nanoparticles and focal therapy, patients were able to avoid chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments with difficult side effects.
Read more about the procedure and the outcome of the first human trial in this article.
Quest for new cancer treatment crosses milestone

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Three words with different but yet related meanings
If you would be stuck to differentiate between sympathy, empathy, and compassion, this article is for you. Giving examples of how each could be shown, the author refers to the work of Brene Brown to explain the differences. She then delves into how to have, and show compassion for others, something that many of us miss with our busy lives and the technology that keeps us constantly distracted.
Here’s the difference between sympathy, empathy and compassion

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When roles are reversed
a prism of sunlight falls on an outstretched handIt should have been enough to help her daughter through a cancer diagnosis, but a few years after her daughter finished treatments, Dr. Diane Kashin was diagnosed with breast cancer.
In this blog, she writes about her experience with breast cancer, and how it feels to be the one receiving the assistance she once gave her daughter who is now six months pregnant.
When I look in the mirror, I see my daughter

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Barely a teen and dealing with untreatable cancer
Grace Wethor was only 13 when she was diagnosed with an untreatable form of brain cancer. At that age, she was already involved in art, figure skating and circus performing, and she certainly hasn’t let her diagnosis, and 8% chance of survival keep her from experiencing life.
In this Forbes article, Grace shares her passion for everything she does, her outlook on life, and her current cancer status.
Grace Wethor: How to Make a Difference With Brain Cancer

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Your diet may impact your cancer risk
Cancer is caused by numerous risk factors, many of which we can’t control. But approximately 20% of cancer in the United States may be linked to diet, inactivity, carrying excess weight, or excessive alcohol consumption.
Though it’s been hard for researchers to pinpoint specific foods to eat or avoid due to the variety in our diets, this list does give some guidelines to consider.
What to know about the link between diet and cancer

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What to say to someone in the midst of a cancer diagnosis
In support of World Cancer Support Month, we’d like to share this quick article on what to say to someone who is hurting, whether they are dealing with a new cancer diagnosis, difficult treatments, or caregiving responsibilities.

Though you may choose a slightly different version of the line suggested, “how can I love you best right now” shows compassion, understanding, and focuses on the person in the midst of a difficult situation (instead of on ourselves).
The only thing you need to say to someone who is hurting

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Yoga for those with cancer
Yoga is good for mind, body and spirit, and it can be tailored to help those dealing with cancer treatments or recovery from treatments.
Through movements and breathing, pain can be lessened, toxins can be released more effectively, and help to deliver oxygen-rich blood to the entire body.
Read more about the practice of yoga during or after cancer treatments in this article.

Why Mindful Yoga Should Be on your Radar

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A change to suggested activities for breast cancer survivors
For many years, after treatments for breast cancer, survivors were told not to do a large variety of tasks including lifting more than 5lbs, gardening, and getting a manicure because it was thought that these activities could lead to lymphoedema, a painful swelling of the arm and sometimes a thickening of the skin. But new research is showing that with some care, all previously restricted activities can be undertaken. Learn more in this article.

Breast Cancer Survivors Can Lift Weights, Get Manicures, and Garden Say Doctors

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Exercise is good for more than just the body
Michelle Stravitz, co-founder of an organization helping women with cancer incorporate exercise into their lives, gives some helpful advice on achieving mindfulness through movement in this article. Whether it be practicing yoga, walking around the block, taking a dance class or any other form of movement that you enjoy, there are so many benefits in using any form of exercise to help concentrate on the moment. 

"On My Mat"

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Music lovers unite
Music lovers unite. A music therapist and registered psychotherapist discusses the many positive benefits on people undergoing cancer treatments in this article.

For most people, music is a part of daily life in one way or another, by purposefully putting music in the forefront, it can be a strong method for coping with everything going on.

"The 411: How Music Therapy Can Be Part of Your Cancer Care"

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Advice for caregivers on self care
There is no easy way to say it – being a caregiver for someone with cancer is difficult. The American Cancer Society has some good advice for anyone in the position of caregiver covering everything from the feelings you might experience, ways to take care of yourself while still taking on the caregiving, how to get help from both family and professionals and caring for children at the same time.

"If you’re about to become a cancer caregiver"

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